Michael Berg grew up in the Northwest and for the most part is self-educated, although he did attend a few college  Art classes as a sit-in participant.  Traveling to Mexico and Europe several times, he has enjoyed the colors of the world, its museums, and people.  

Several times I have heard him say...“IT’S ALL ART TO ME.”

No Matter what the subject matter, he thrives on the reflection and absorption of light, trying to find different ways to hold light.  He has been making earrings for 25 years and is still having fun creating new designs in that small, few inch space of the earring canvas.  He is known as the “large earring guy.”  His secret is in using aluminum instead of silver.  It polishes out the same, textures well, and the color can be changed with heat.  Try to own just one pair of his earrings!  You will be showered with compliments and you will want more.  Trust me.  I know.  I won’t tell you how many pairs I own….but it is A LOT.  I am having just as much fun wearing them as he is probably having designing and making them.  Each pair is hand-made.  Look close.  Each mark you see is put there intentionally by this dedicated artist.